Mar 192010

If all goes well I will run every inch of every road in the town of Bennington within a year. Only a couple rules:

  1. All public roads in Bennington, Vermont,
  2. All runs will begin and end at my home.

That’s it.  With less than 200 miles of roads rule #1 is a piece of cake.  Rule #2 makes it all very much harder though.  I will need to run the roads that are east of home many dozens of times as I try to get to the yet to be run roads (a.k.a. virgins) near the center and eastern portions of town, but each road-mile only counts towards the goal the first time it is run.

Every run to the east, where most of the town is, requires 200′ or more of uphill running to return back home.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned below for the running details…

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