Parade Opening Act

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May 312010
Parade Opening Act

A nice pre-parade run. Walloomsac Rd. Monument Ave. West Main St. Washington St. Elm St. South St. Brookside Apts. South St. Prospect St. East Side Dr. Barber St. East Side Dr. Darling St. East Side Dr. Norton St. Silver St. Hillside St. South St. North St. River St. Depot St. West Main St. Monument Ave. […]

Grant Street Area

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May 292010
Grant Street Area

Another hot one. Walloomsac Rd. Monument Ave. West Main St. Soule St. West Main St. McCall St. West Main St. Harrison Ave. West Main St. Dewey St. Elm St. South St. Franklin Ln. Washington St. West Main St. Grant St. Dewey St. West Main St. Monument Ave. Walloomsac Rd. 4.55/1.35, 83.43/33.44

May 232010
Jefferson Heights, etal

This has already been an interesting project as I get to discover so many new things that are amazingly close to home.  Today I notes the stunning views north from the north end of Stonehedge Drive. As the crow flies Jefferson Heights is about 2 miles from home, yet I don’t recall ever being in […]

Merson, Bryant, Crescent, Margaret, Pine Circle, West Side

Hot hills ruled the day.  If my feet were pounding on a downhill, my heart was pounding for an uphill. Another scorcher too, today it was 83° during the late afternoon run. Between the hills and hot pavement I got an unusual (for me) blister on a big toe.  I’ll need to switch to alternate […]

Anthony, Leonard, Lincoln, Depot, North, Kocher, Northside

Yet another beautiful day for a run: 60’ish, low humidity, and bright blue skies. Running downtown, while not the best, will be okay.  Just need to be ever vigilant for drivers pulling out, car doors and kids intercepting my path and irregular surfaces and objects under foot.  Urban running 101. Today was the first time […]