April Recap

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Apr 302010

In the March Recap I had hoped to run 35-40 miles in April with 10-15 miles of virgin roads. I ended up running 40.8 miles of which 15.3 were virgin so I pretty much nailed the goal. I only ran nine times in April – probably would have been ten but for the severe calf […]

Southshire, N & S Terrace's, Meadowbrook

Just six days since the bad leg cramp and back on the roads. The pain has been gone for a couple days but the calf was still fairly tight. I had hoped a long slow run might provide some warmth and easy stretching to possibly help the muscle along. It didn’t take long to get […]

Dewey, Blackberry, Monument Ave. Extension

What a day! Beautiful weather, felt great, and then, about 1½ miles along, a muscle cramp in my calf that could end this whole project. I was certain that stopping or walking would only cause the knot to strengthen so I kept plodding along for the entire planned run. The slightly higher toe lift required […]

Elm, Putnam, Harwood, Dewey, Pine, Stark & Frost

I felt like a Zombie from lack of sleep last night bug slogged out anyway. Past experience has been that a run can rejuvenate, and help with sleep regulation too. The tired in my head turned into a headache within a few hundred yards of starting today’s run. Each plodding stride only made it worse […]

Apr 132010
Dermody, Jewett

Legs felt like heavy, but not as much as how above the waistline felt. Very little traffic and a sunny 60° were great. I noticed that it would be fairly easy to make Walloomsac road bowling ½mile +/- longer by starting down Dermody a bit. Walloomsac Rd. > Dermody Rd. > West Rd. > Jewett […]