March Recap

Posted by Printz at 10:52 pm Running Bennington
Mar 312010

Not bad considering I started with no base.  Over the last 12 days of the March I ran 4 times, for 8.65 miles.  While the runs have been taxing, I have kept the pace slowish (7:30+) and given myself a nice rest between runs. Starting with 3/4 mile run on the 19th, each run was […]

Mar 282010
Fox Hill / Colgate Heights

Great views of our bedroom windows from the top of Colgate Heights.  Can see completely across town to the middle school too.  Glad we don’t live up here as every run would always end with uphill. Walloomsac Rd. > Gypsy Ln. > West Rd. > Fox Hill Rd. > West Rd. > Gypsy Ln. > […]


Posted by Printz at 7:44 pm Running Bennington
Mar 242010

Eating a PB&J sandwich an hour before running was not the best choice.  On top of the couple slices of pizza for lunch and you get significant sloshing.  I didn’t want to be hungry prior to running and I succeeded at that! Walloomsac Rd. > Monument Ave. > West Main St. > West Rd. > […]

Pippin Knoll

Posted by Printz at 9:06 pm Running Bennington
Mar 212010
Pippin Knoll

While Pippin Knoll is very close to home, it has been years since I’ve been down it.  Dead end, few homes, and great views east towards monument over grove of white birch near northern end.  Good practice road for road bowling. Walloomsac Rd. > Pippin Knoll > Walloomsac Rd. 2.12/2.12, 2.90/2.90

Mar 192010
Monument Circle

First run of the challenge, and only second run since January. Walloomsac Rd. > Monument Cir. > Walloomsac Rd. 0.78/0.78, 0.78/0.78