Running Bennington

March 19, 2010

All it seems to take to get me to run consistently is to have a goal. So here it is: run every inch of every road in Bennington in a year. All runs are to begin and end at home. While there are less than 200 miles of roads, many of the roads, especially those close to home, will be run numerous times just getting to other roads.

Green on the maps indicates new roads, blue is roads run over again, and red is for those previously run.

McKinley, Holden, County & many, many more

A great run on a beautiful late afternoon. I actually felt like I was running back up the hills home instead of trudging up. For anyone that should be reading along, my doubts as to my ability to run all of Bennington is not based so much on my physical capabilities, or lack thereof, but […]

Elm, Putnam, Harwood, Dewey, Pine, Stark & Frost

I felt like a Zombie from lack of sleep last night bug slogged out anyway. Past experience has been that a run can rejuvenate, and help with sleep regulation too. The tired in my head turned into a headache within a few hundred yards of starting today’s run. Each plodding stride only made it worse […]

Apr 132010
Dermody, Jewett

Legs felt like heavy, but not as much as how above the waistline felt. Very little traffic and a sunny 60° were great. I noticed that it would be fairly easy to make Walloomsac road bowling ½mile +/- longer by starting down Dermody a bit. Walloomsac Rd. > Dermody Rd. > West Rd. > Jewett […]

Whipstock, Vail, Airport (N), Fairview

Stiff breeze made 55° feel like 45°, though there was plenty of sun to illuminate the many hills. While running I realized this would be my longest run in 6 years. I expect the record to be broken many times while carrying out this project. Walloomsac Rd. > Whipstock Rd. > Vail Rd. > Airport […]

Regwood, Corey, an unknown, & Seminary

82%@! degrees.  No worry of running too fast in this heat.  At least there was a breeze, though felt like it came direct from a blast furnace. Walloomsac Rd. > Monument Ave. > Regwood Rd. > Monument Ave. > unknown dirt road > Monument Ave. > Corey Ln. > Monument Ave. > West Rd. > […]