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Dec 262013

5.0 @ 36:13 – TM

New York!

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Jun 132010
New York!

Went for the western end of town and into New York. Walloomsac Rd. Dermody Rd. West Rd. Mapletown Rd. Farmers Inn Rd. Ore Bed Rd. Emmons Rd. River Rd. Murphy Rd. Austin Hill Rd. Vail Rd. Fairview Rd. Walloomsac Rd. 10.09/4.18, 121.94/49.71

Pleasant Valley

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Jun 082010
Pleasant Valley

Beautiful run today: Walloomsac Rd. Houran Rd. West Rd. Pleasant Valley Rd. Horst Rd. Unknown Farm Rd. Pleasant Valley Rd. West Rd. Gypsy Ln. Walloomsac Rd. 9.32/4.40, 111.85/45.53

Jun 052010
Blake's Blue House

Into a neighborhood I have never been in before. Walloomsac Rd. Monument Ave. West Main St. North St. Pleasant St. Main St. Beech St. Rollin St. Bradford Pl. South Branch St. Webb St. South Branch St. Filmore St. Cyr Ct. Harbour Rd. Beech St. Evergreen Dr. Beech St. Rutter Rd. Cyr Ct. Harbour Rd. Filmore […]

Grandview Ascent

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Jun 022010
Grandview Ascent

Oh my.  Grandview offers quite a hill. Walloomsac Rd. Monument Ave. West Main St. South St. Grandview St. Coulter St. Forest View Dr. Morgan St. Imperial Ave. Hamilton St. Imperial Ave. Silver St. Union St. South St. Main St. Monument Ave. Walloomsac Rd. 5.22/1.63, 94.31/36.96